Tata Memorial Hospital
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Tata Memorial Hospital was commissioned in 1941 to carry out the vision of Sir Dorab Tata, who wanted to establish quality cancer treatment centers in India after his wife, Lady Meherbai Tata, died from Leukemia even after undergoing treatment abroad.  To honor Sir Dorab Tata's commitment to creating a cancer treatment center to serve the people of India, the trustees of the Sir Dorab Tata Trust along with various other cancer specialists joined together to create Tata Memorial Hospital, a philanthropic hospital that is now seen as a center for medical excellence. Tata Memorial Hospital was the first hospital to offer bone marrow transplantation in 1983  and since then, has been a leader in cancer prevention, treatment, and research. We currently have two pediatric oncology projects in the Department of Neuro-oncology and the Department of Pediatric Surgery, as well as one palliative care project at this site.


Dr. Rakesh Jalali

Dr. Rakesh Jalali

                   STAFF SUPPORTED:

  • data manager



The Foundation's pediatric oncology project in the department of neuro-oncology project began in 2012, with the support of Dr. Rakesh Jalali. Dr. Jalali is a radiation oncologist and Professor of Radiation Oncology. We currently support one fellow, one nurse, and one data manager for this project.

IPOI-Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Sajid Qureshi

Dr. Sajid Qureshi

staff supported:

  • fellow

  • data manager cum social worker

JDF's pediatric oncology project in the pediatric surgery department at Tata Memorial Hospital began in 2012 with support from local champion, Dr. Sajid Qureshi. Dr. Qureshi is a surgeon within the Department of Surgery at Tata Memorial Hospital. We currently support one data manager cum social worker and one fellow at this site.




The palliative care project at TMH began in 2011, with support from local champion, Dr. Mary Ann Muckaden. Dr. Muckaden is head of the Department of Palliative Care at TMH. We currently support one social worker at this site.