Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute was established in 1972 and is jointly managed by the Government of Gujarat and the Gujarat Cancer Society. It is a designated regional cancer center and is dedicated to providing quality and affordable medical treatment to cancer patients from all origins and financial backgrounds. GCRI has over 600 beds and various specialty departments treating cancer. GCRI is also heavily involved in the early diagnosis and screening for cancer in their community. We currently have a pediatric oncology project at this site. 


Dr. Sonia Parikh

Dr. Sonia Parikh

Staff Supported:

  • Social Worker

  • Data Manager

  • Clinical Assistant

  • Medical Officer

  • Nurse

We began our pediatric oncology project at GCRI in 2009 and our local champion is Dr. Sonia Parikh, Associate Professor of Medical Oncology. We currently support 1 clinical assistant, 1 medical officer,1 data manager, 1 nurse and 1 social worker at this site.