Kasturba Medical College
Mangalore, Karnataka

Kasturba Medical College is affiliated with Manipal University and was founded in 1955. A teaching hospital is attached to Kasturba Medical College, the KMC Hospital in Attavar, which was created in 1992. KMC Hospital in Attavar is equipped with 500 beds and modern health technology to both treat patients effectively and teach their medical students. We currently have one pediatric oncology project at KMC Hospital in Attavar. 



Dr. Harsha Prasada

Dr. Harsha Prasada


  • Nurse





We began the pediatric oncology project at KMC Hospital in Attavar in the beginning of 2015 with support from local champion, Dr. Harsha Prasada. Dr. Prasada is a London trained pediatric hematologist with additional training in oncology and senior resident in the Department of Pediatric at Kasturba College in Mangalore. We currently support one data manager, one social worker, and one nurse at this site.