India Pediatric Oncology Initiative

The India Pediatric Oncology Initiative (IPOI) has been the Foundation’s flagship initiative since in 2007 and is the Foundation’s first targeted effort to make an impact on healthcare landscape of India. Cancer in children is highly curable (in Europe and the United States, survival rate for all pediatric cancers is approximately 75%-79%), yet survival rates in India are estimated at less than 50%. Due to inadequate numbers of trained pediatric oncologists, as well as poor treatment facilities, lack of awareness, and a high cost of treatment, many children diagnosed with cancer are lost to follow up or abandon treatment prematurely. Jiv Daya Foundation’s goal is to build capacity of Pediatric Oncology care by providing staff support, training , tools for patient follow up to reduce treatment abandonment and equipment to improve the overall treatment outcome.

JDF is partnered with over 42 hospitals across India for
the Pediatric Oncology project:


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