Saroj Gupta Cancer Center and Research Institute
Thakurpukur, West Bengal

The Saroj Gupta Cancer Center and Research Institute (SGCCRI), formerly known as the Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Research Institute, was founded by Dr. Saroj Gupta in 1973. Dr. Saroj Gupta was a radiotherapist and after seeing the plight of many cancer patients, he decided to form a cancer centre that would serve as both a sanctuary and high quality medical institution for underprivileged patients. The hospital now had 280 beds and is set within a welcoming and child-friendly atmosphere that provides a contrast to the ongoing  chemotherapy treatments and surgeries. We currently have one pediatric oncology project at this site.


Dr. Arnab Gupta

Dr. Arnab Gupta





The Foundation began working at SGCCRI in 2011 with support from our local champion, Dr. Arnab Gupta, Direct of SGCCRI and son of the founder of the hospital. Our current project is being implemented through our local partner, CanKids...KidsCan. We currently support one social worker cum data manager at this site.