Dr. G. Viswanathan SPECIALTY Hospital
Trichy, Tamil Nadu

The Dr. G. Viswanathan Specialty Hospital (GVN) was startedin 1939 by Dr. G. Viswanathan and officially inaugurated in 1966 with the Singarthope Hospital Campus equipped with 125 beds. GVN grew to encompass a Cancer Cure Center, an Institute of Medical Sciences, Community Health Centers and the Dr. Shantha Breast Cancer Foundation. Now, GVN is a multi-specialty hospital providing various specialty services, minimally invasive surgery, emergency and critical care, and cancer care. We have one pediatric oncology project at this site. 


Dr. Arun Seshachalam

Dr. Arun Seshachalam







We began the pediatric oncology project at GVN in the summer of 2013, with backing from Dr. Arun Seshachalam. Dr. Seshachalam is a pediatric   oncologist and the Head of the Department of Medical Oncology at GVN. He previously worked at Thanjavur Cancer Center as the Director, before moving to GVN. We support one social worker cum data manager at this site.