Mahatma Gandhi Hospital
Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Mahatma Gandhi Hospital was founded in 1932, as Windom Hospital with a bed capacity of 300. After India gained her independence, Windhom Hospital became Mahatma Gandhi Hospital. It currently has a bed strength of 624 and offers a variety of specialty treatments, which are further supported by the Telemedicine Center that allows doctors to connect with District Hospitals and Primary Health Centers. We currently have one palliative care project at this site.


Dr. Girdhar Bhati

Dr. Girdhar Bhati

staff supported:

  • data managers

  • doctor

  • nurses (2)

The palliative care project at MGH began in 2014, under Dr. Girdhar Bhati, medical oncologist and Assistant Professor in the Medical Oncology Division. We currently support one doctor, two nurses, and two data managers.