Dayanand Medical College and Hospital
Ludhiana, Punjab

Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) was created in 1934, first as Arya Medical School. In the 1930s, the hospital underwent various changes in management and eventually, in 1964, came to be known as the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. DMCH currently has 1326 beds and is a tertiary care teaching hospital. DMCH is equipped with various modern and cutting edge technology to improve the  quality of care and education provided at the hospital. We currently have one palliative care project at this site.


Dr. Kunal Jain

Dr. Kunal Jain

Staff Supported:

  • counselor cum social worker

JDF's palliative care project at DMCH Ludhiana began in 2015, with the support from local champion, Dr. Kunal Jain. Dr. Jain is a medical oncologist with extensive training from Australaia's Royal Adelaide Hospital. We currently provide support for one counselor cum social worker.