Gauhati Medical College
GuwAhati, Assam


Gauhati Medical College was established in 1968, under the stewardship of Professor I. Jahan and principal founder Professor S.N. Sharma. Gauhati Medical College offers a variety of medical courses and provides high quality treatment with accessibility to diverse services. In terms of patient volume, they saw over 500,000 patients in their OPD in 2014. We currently have one maternal health project and one pediatric oncology project at this site.


Dr. Taludkar

Dr. Taludkar

Staff Supported:


  • NurseS (3)

The maternal health project at GMC began in 2013, with support from local champion, Dr. Ratna Talukdar. Dr. Talukdar is a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. We currently support one counselor and three nurses at this site.