Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
Wardha, Maharashtra

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS) was established in 1969, but the true beginnings of the hospital can be traced back to Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Sushila Nayar, former Health Minister and Union Health Minister of Delhi. In Sevagram, Dr. Nayar set up a small dispensary in 1944, which later became Kasturba Hospital, serving mothers and children. In 1954, management of the hospital was passed on to the Mahatma Gandhi National Memorial Trust, after which the Kasturba Health Society was formed to manage the hospital in 1964. During her time at the Health Minister, Dr. Nayar recognized the need for quality and affordable healthcare centers in rural areas of India. Under the suggestion of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Dr. Nayar proposed MGIMS to be built as part of the Gandhi Centenary Program in Sevagram in 1969. Now, after starting as a 15 bedded hospital to a hospital with 972 beds and seeing over 70,000 patients a year, MGIMS is striving to live up to its heritage. We currently have one maternal health project at this site. 


Dr. Pramod Kumar

Dr. Pramod Kumar





The maternal health project at MGIMS began in 2013, with support from local champion, Dr. Pramod Kumar. Dr. Kumar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at MGIMS. We currently support four auxiliary nurse midwifes (ANMs), one data manager, and one attendant at this site.