Indian Spinal Injuries Centre
New Delhi

The Indian Spinal Injuries Centre is one of the most advanced spine, orthopedic, and neuromuscular surgical centres in India. It is equipped with state of the art diagnostic and development machines as well as highly trained experts to perform complex procedures on patients for curative and rehabilitative ends. Not only is the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre a hospital, it is also a teaching and training centre that works with professionals in the field to offer rigorous training in relevant medical procedures, such their master of prosthetics and orthotics program. We currently have one amputee assistance project at this site.


Dr. Chitra Kataria

Dr. Chitra Kataria

staff supported:


  • prosthetist and orthotist  




Jiv Daya's amputee assistance project at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre began in 2015. Our local champion is  Dr. Chitra Kataria. We currently support one prosthetist and orthotist and one prosthetist and orthotist technician.