India Child Deworming Initiative


The India Children Deworming Initiative began in July 2015 to expand Jiv Daya ’s efforts to the community level and reduce intestinal parasitic infections that affect the quality of life and school attendance of children. Intestinal parasitic infections can impact the nutritional status, cognitive performance, and overall health of school age children. As 27% of the world’s children in need of deworming treatment live in India, Jiv Daya Foundation partners with local organizations to provide biannual deworming medication (Albendazole) and health education services to school children in Mumbai. Using an evidence-based approach, we have thus far been able to treat over 2,000 children and intend to scale the program to widen our reach. The Foundation hopes that thousands of children living in areas endemic for soil transmitted helminthes and lymphatic filariasis will benefit physically and academically from these deworming services.