Source: Adinath Jain Trust Website

Source: Adinath Jain Trust Website

Adinath Jain Trust
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The Adinath Jain Trust was founded in 1979, based on the non-violence principles preached by the Jain Thirthankaras. Their work is focused on serving all needy members of society through their various social service activities, ranging from homeopathic treatment to limb camps. As the Chennai branch of BMVSS, they work with patients daily for limb fittings, which are given during the monthly limb camps. 


STAFF SUPPORTED:                                                   PROTHETIST/ORTHOTIC                                         

Our work with the Adinath Jain Trust began in April 2014 with the support of Local Champion, Mohan Jain. We support 1 prosthetist/orthotic professional at this site.