All India Institute of Medical Sciences
New Delhi

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is a nationally and internationally renowned medical institution and teaching hospital in New Delhi. AIIMS was created in 1956 to serve as the national standard for medical education and excellence in India, which it continues to uphold through innovative medical education methods and progressive medical practices. AIIMS has expanded to include the Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre for Opthalmic Sciences  (RP Centre), Cardiothoracic Centre, Neurosciences Centre, Institute Rotary Centre Hospital (IRCH), and De-addiction Centre. At all these facilities combined, AIIMS provides services to over 1.5 million outpatients and over 80,000 inpatients every year. We currently have  pediatric oncology projects at the main hospital, the RP Centre, and the IRCH.


Dr. Seth (AIIMS Pediatrics)

Dr. Seth (AIIMS Pediatrics)

Staff Supported

  • Data Manager

  • Nurses(2)

  • Social worker 

The Foundation's pediatric oncology project began at AIIMS in January 2011 at their pediatrics department with Dr. Rachna Seth as the local champion. For the AIIMS Pediatrics Department, we support one data manager, one social worker, and two nurses.